Things I learned from my Internship

About Myself

  • I work much harder when I feel like there’s work I should be doing, that I know how to start on, and that improves something I care about
  • Starting things is hard
  • I can work all day effectively, if the work isn’t super brain-intensive.
  • I like making cleanliness and ease of understanding a perogative
  • I’m good but fairly slow at programming.
  • I’m slow when I don’t stay cognizant on what I’m trying to accomplish, and the steps I’m taking to get there.
  • I’m slow to make up my mind
  • I need to work on creating a decisive, cleaned-up front to approach business with
  • My memory is pretty crap, I think I remember most things for like 2 weeks. so I should write things down when I learn them.

About software

  • Code should be structured towards functional clarity first, but testability also.
  • Testability comes with modularization, you should be able to run a part of your code separately from the rest
  • Both unit tests and full-form tests are important, and should be developed incrementally
  • Git is important for every project
  • Good-looking code means uniform code
  • Each unit and group of code should have a clear purpose, and this purpose should be reassessed as coding goes on
  • Infrastructure can be more difficult than programming
  • It is important to work on difficult problems, not just on whatever

About people

  • People are fickle and don’t care about you by default
  • Provide value to people, and make sure they understand you provide value
Written on August 9, 2016